Where are the current hotspots for moving the country?

Where are the current hotspots for moving the country?

Despite the widespread disruption of the UK property market from coronavirus, 130,000 homeowners in England and Wales have already sold their homes and taken a step in 2020.

Newly published research by the home setup service Just Move In has shown that Birmingham, Leeds and Cornwall are among the nation’s hotspots so far this year.

Just Move In analyzed real estate sales transactions and found that the southeast region has the highest number, with 20,771 moves this year. The north-west (17,015) and east of England (14,342) are also very important.

However, if you look at the top tier of district removals, it is Birmingham that sees the title as the nation’s moving hotspot. So far this year 1,967 people have sold in the city, with Leeds taking the second highest number at 1,889.

Cornwall (1,483), County Durham (1,318), Bradford (1,241), Sheffield (1,196), Wiltshire (1,161), Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole (1,129), Bristol (1,077) and Liverpool (1,072) also make the top 10 .

Within the capital, Bromley recorded the highest number of moves this year with 779 transactions.

Wandsworth, 686, Croydon (665), Havering (579) and Barnet (577) are also some of the counties where most moves are made.

Ross Nichols, Co-Founder of Just Move In, commented, “It’s great to see that there are many areas in the real estate market where homeowners are on the move despite the obstacles posed by COVID-19.

“We know moving home is an incredibly stressful process. To relieve that stress, we often stick to our current providers. However, this is not always the best option. Besides saving money, moving to a new provider can be also mean better service and better value for money.

“Our previous research has shown that the average moving company saves £ 350 on switching suppliers, the equivalent of almost £ 700,000 that could have been saved in Birmingham in 2020 alone.

“That saving is all the more significant now that it is much more difficult financially for many. That’s why we’re proud to help moving companies across the country tighten their belts while improving the service they receive.”