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Hiring Guide

Guide for People of Kolkata in search of Packers and Movers in Kolkata

Kolkata – The City of Joy – has numerous Packers and Movers who you can hire to help with your house relocation. All of our needs during relocation are predominantly the same, even though the reasons for relocating may differ. Relocating is hard to achieve on our own, and although you may be inclined to, it is inadvisable to relocate on your own. You might be dealing with expensive goods that you do not want to damage or lose during the relocation process. In addition, it can be difficult to gather all the essentials such as packing materials, bubble wraps, trolleys and to find a carrier to transport your belongings. By hiring a house shifting service, you can lessen the responsibilities that you might otherwise have to undertake when moving from your current residence to a new one. To enjoy a smooth relocation process, it is important to hire a moving company that is reliable and is best suited to your requirements. This FAQ guide will help you understand the key factors in choosing a ‘credible’ service provider.

How do I search for house shifting services?

You can make use of the internet to do an overview of the Packers and Movers in your locality. Sometimes, this alone is enough to make a shortlist of moving companies that you would like to check later. By choosing the internet to search for relocation service providers, you can also come across people’s opinions and experiences with various Movers and Packers. Another way to search for service providers is by asking for suggestions from people you know. You can even ask them to put you in touch with a service provider they had used in the past. The significance of word-of-mouth in matters like these can never be stressed enough. Apart from the methods mentioned above, you can search in and around your locality to find moving and packing services that can be hired for your house relocation.

What are the benefits of hiring a relocation service?

In short, their experience and plethora of resources—which we do not have. Because moving companies have years of experience in helping people with relocation, they are adept at understanding the unique needs of every customer and fulfilling them. They also have resources aplenty, which directly translates to having solutions for any obstacle that may arise during the process. Their way of packing, loading and unloading your belongings will be professional and done carefully to make sure no damages or losses occur.

Which are the factors I need to look for in a moving company?

Trade license and the number of years in operation are two basic checks that you should do before hiring a relocation service. You can also check for a company’s online presence to reinforce your feelings about them. When it comes to your house relocation, insurance, and warehouse facilities are the most important things to consider. Insurance will help you claim a part of the total expense of a shipment in case it gets damaged or goes missing. If you cannot receive your belongings at your new residence yet—after they have been shipped—the relocation service provider’s warehouse is where you can store your belongings for a few days. Make sure to go through a company’s Terms and Conditions as well. It is an agreement a company makes with you before getting the relocation process underway.

What should be my course of action after making the above mentioned checks?

By now, you would have gathered all, or most, details about a service and you are probably on the cusp of making a decision. But wait! Go to the shortlist you had created when you first searched for Packers and Movers in your locality. Refer to their contact details and call to fix an appointment for meeting them at their office. When you visit their office, see if there are any testimonials, licenses, or awards of recognition hanging on the walls. They often act as indicators about a moving company’s credibility, so if you spot testimonials or awards of recognition, you can be pretty sure that the company is trustworthy. When you meet them at their office, mention all your needs and everything about your house relocation to the service provider. Be as explicit and detailed as possible, because they need to get an idea of your unique requirements. Then, if you are satisfied with the responses they give you, request them to visit your house.

What should I do during their house visit?

Take them around your house and show your belongings that need to be shipped. If they are satisfied and give you the thumbs up to begin the process, ask them for a rough estimate along with the checklist of the items. It will help you understand the number of items you have and the approximate cost of the entire relocation process.

How do I finalise a moving and packing service?

Fix a date for initiating the relocation process and convey it to the Packer and Mover, who is going to help you with your house relocation. Ask them for a grand estimate and the final checklist of your items. Hold on to your checklist when the shipments are being loaded into the carrier and even when receiving them at your new residence.

Should I pay any advance?

Some service providers demand advance to confirm and book the dates. However, the amount can be very nominal which would be adjusted in the final payment. This can be discussed with the service provider after the house inspection is done.

What if I have to reschedule my booking date?

You can always intimate the experts at least 3-4 days prior to the move so that the service provider makes necessary arrangements for the same and is able to provide service on the required date.

Have a safe and stress-free relocation!

How to select the best packers and movers in Kolkata?

While it’s not difficult to find a list of packers and movers service providers in Kolkata, but choosing the expert relocation services in Kolkata from the available options, which is both trustworthy and reliable, it can become a challenge. Kolkata has a bunch of Packers and Movers Company in every nook and corner. To help you choose the best packers and movers company that offers your required services at a reasonable price, we have created a step-by-step process below.

  • Check out the list of top packers and movers in Kolkata in Google

You can also search for ‘packers and movers Kolkata near me’ or use similar keywords on Google or online directory websites like Sulekha. Although you get countless options for shifting service providers in Kolkata, you can never be sure which movers are trustworthy. Hence, you’ll have to spend much time and effort to do extensive research and verify the authenticity of relocation companies (as explained below, in the next section).

  • Ask family and friends for suggestions

You can quickly get a list of packers and movers from the web or simply ask recommendations from your friends and family who have recently shifted in or out of Kolkata. Depending on the given reviews on the internet or advice from your family members, you can do the necessary research on various packers and movers.

  • Visit Sulekha to hire professional Packers and Movers in Kolkata

At Sulekha, you can easily choose reliable and top-performing Packers and Movers in Kolkata. We do complete verification of shifting service providers in Kolkata. Thoroughly checking their company documents, owner ID proofs, office space, and past performance records. All you need to do is, share your relocation requirements with the date of shifting and get suggestions of the best Packers and Movers Company in Kolkata in your budget. Compare packers and movers charges in Kolkata along with company profiles or through the Sulekha website and reviews before hiring a best-suited moving company.

Details to check before hiring the right Packers and Movers Company for you in Kolkata

With thousands of relocation happening every day in Kolkata, some fake companies are on a lookout for opportunities to con less informed customers. It’s in our best interest to gather details of the company and authenticate before hiring Packers and Movers and avoid getting involved with such fraudulent companies who are in the market to dupe innocent people looking for professional help. Some of the critical details to verify before finalizing moving service providers are:

Most trustworthy Packers and Movers businesses have a proper site where they handle most of their work online and answer the user’s request as well as queries. Check for the Company’s website before hiring a Packers and Movers service and make sure they are valid with accurate information mentioned about the Company. Also, check their ‘Contact Us’ page for a legitimate contact number, email, and office address so that you can validate them by calling or visiting their office.An essential detail to distinguish between a genuine company from a bogus one is their registration certificate provided by the government of India. This proof is produced when a company wants to start a commercial business service, and all professional Companies must possess one of these. You can always check if a company has done its registration or not. With this proof, service providers can be trusted with items to pack and move, and in case of any issue, you can always lodge a formal complaint with their GSTIN number.You may find all the details on the website, like the history of the Company, pricing, ratings, and office address of the Company. Still, there are many Packers and Movers Company with fake addresses or no office space at all. A company with no office space can be a big problem if your things go missing or while claiming the insurance. Never finalize a company that does not have a proper office setup, which they can show in person, and the same mentioned online or in papers.

  • Packers & Movers Ratings & Reviews

Companies in most enterprises offer way more than they intend to, to get customers aboard. Even in the Packers and Movers industry, companies may behave customer-oriented until you hire them. Then all of a sudden, they change their behavior and neglect most of the customers’ requests. You can avoid this by reading reviews of each Company in detail and find out the opinions of different customers based on their previous experience with the Company. You can easily find out the honesty of movers, service quality, and capability of performing your move by reading reviews and ratings written by other customers and also learn about significant issues faced by customers after hiring a particular shifting company. Packers and Movers listed in Sulekha offer genuine customer reviews with real-time experiences that they had with relocation service providers in Kolkata.

Relocation Services in Kolkata

  • Verified Local Shifting Services Our relocation partners have immense experience to help you organize the move in a hassle-free manner. They will provide packing, loading, transportation, and assembling services at standard rates. Have a look at the printable Checklist for the household shifting process.
  • Interstate Moving and Storage Facility Services Shifting from one city to another city is a stressful job. To get a hassle-free moving, you need to have manpower, skill, better technology, abilities, right transportation system, etc. To make this job easy and stress less always hire a professional moving company.
  • Damage Free Car Transport Services in KolkataDamage-Free Car Transport Services A door to door car relocation is the most comfortable way of moving your car. We have the best experts with the experience to ensure your car arrives in perfect condition and on time.
  • Long Distance Moving Warehousing Services in KolkataLong Distance Moving Warehousing Services Our partners have a team of experienced committed professionals for overseas moving. They will guide you at every stage, until the end with a focused approach to ensure safe international relocation.
  • Affordable Bike Transport Services in KolkataAffordable Bike Transport Services Bike relocation services facilitate transport bikes all over India providing you door to door services. Containerized trucks are specially designed for the carriage of bikes.

What do packers and movers in Kolkata from start to end?

A good shifting company will require your shifting plans that include the number of packing items, budget, materials to be used, location to shift, etc. If you give these requirements to the company means they will take care of the whole shifting process. Packers and movers Kolkata will deliver the excellence process mentioned below:

  • Dissembling the wooden and electronic item
  • Packing the household items
  • Loading the shifting items to the transport vehicle
  • 100% Safe and Secure transportation
  • Door to door shifting process in a committed time
  • Unloading the packed items in the destination
  • Re-arrange the household items in the new place with proper guidelines
  • After moving all those shifting items, packers and movers will also help you to arrange all items