Sutton Stracke is “finally” moving from Kyle Richards’ house to her new home


Sutton Stracke is ready to say goodbye to Kyle Richards’ Bel Air home. After renting the property from Kyle and Mauricio Umansky for several months during the renovation of her new home, Sutton gave an exciting update on her living situation during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

“I’m going soon,” the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member said before joking [Kyle is] ready for me to go. “

Landlady Maren Morris asked: “Are you about to move into your new house?” to which Sutton happily replied, “I am. finally, finally, finally.” Days later, she shared an Instagram story video showing her cabinet installation in progress, stating, “It looks great.”

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Sutton Stracke Kyle Richards move home 1

Sutton Stracke Kyle Richards move home 1

Photo: Sutton Stracke / Instagram

In 2020, Kyle revealed Sutton was living in her house when she joked on an Instagram story, “She stole my goddamn house!” Months later, on the May 19 episode of the show, Sutton gave more details about the Agreement known. “I left my house and sold it, but my new house needs a facelift,” she explained. “So I started looking for houses to rent and, ding dong, I think ‘Kyle’s house’ and Kyle just let me live here even though I’m paying rent.”

Although Sutton was paying $ 20,000 a month to live in the house (Kyle called it a “discount for friends and family”), Sutton stated on the Jimmy Kimmel Live episode, “Kyle didn’t make me bail … I think she trusted me. “

Sutton also explained why Kyle’s house was the perfect spot for her while her new home was under construction. “My house was selling very quickly, so I needed an apartment very quickly,” she said. “And I needed a place to live that could accommodate my three children, my four dogs, my three cats, and a camera crew … this house was prepared, so it was easy.”

See Sutton’s former house in the video above!