Dodo Pizza finds a new home; Parade July 12th – The Oxford Eagle

  Dodo Pizza finds a new home;  Parade July 12th - The Oxford Eagle

Dodo Pizza will move to a new location after July 12th.

Alena Tikhova, the owner of Dodo Pizza, posted on Facebook on July 1st to announce that the restaurant will be in its current location until July 12th and will be moving to a new location soon after.

“Hopefully the transition will go smoothly as we take over an existing restaurant,” said Tikhova in the Facebook post. “The new lease has been signed and we are very excited about our expansion.”

The move from Dodo Pizza to a new building promises a positive change for the restaurant. Not only will you be in a new place, but you’ll have a bigger kitchen to work in. The additional space will allow for a new, healthier menu with vegetarian options and new desserts, Tikhova said.

“We plan to offer more vegetarian options like salads, wraps, our own vegan cheese and a gluten-free crust,” she said. “Also our own range of desserts, because we have more space for them in the kitchen.”

The EAGLE reached out to Tikhova to see where Dodo Pizza will go, but it remained with tight lips.

“We’ll make the announcement in a few days,” said Tikhova.

Tikhova announced on June 24th that the building that houses Dodo Pizza was sold for a “large amount of money” last year and that the new owners said they did not want a pizzeria in the location.

The only option for Dodo Pizza was to take over an existing restaurant area in town.