Campbell County families in limbo over RV relocation dispute

Campbell County families in limbo over RV relocation dispute

CAMPBELL COUNTY, Tennessee (WATE) – An East Tennessee RV removal company was brought to court twice in 2021 for breach of contract by its customer. The moving worker says he didn’t do anything wrong, claiming he owes more money from the people who sued him.

Both disputes with the moving company began more than a year ago. One case was settled in court earlier this month in favor of the moving company. The people who paid to move lost more than $ 5,000. In the second case, the motorhome was supposed to be transported over a very short distance, it took more than a year, but moving the trailer was only part of the contract.

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Michael Smith’s motor home is on mountain property in Pioneer, north Campbell County. While the house is in place, it isn’t fully set up yet. He says, “I hired Willard Allen West to bring my trailer back in 2019. April 22, 2019.” Fifteen months later, Michael paid to have his RV moved no more than half a mile and set up.

“He told me I do this and the time. I’ll move your trailer, I think 9-10 days, but my trailer has been up for four and a half months, “said Smith.

“The porch is not paved yet. My anchors, it’s not strapped. I live on a mountain, I pray every night not to blow the mountain away. “

Michael Smith

After waiting over 90 days, he and his wife paid an attorney in August 2019 to send this letter of formal notice to West that he would either complete the move and set up the trailer, or return the $ 3,500. The trailer wasn’t postponed until a year later in 2020, but it was supposed to happen in 9-10 days and nothing was set up. “The porch is not paved yet. My anchors, it’s not strapped. I live on a mountain, I pray every night not to blow the mountain away, ”he said.

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So Smith brought charges against West, and this case will be heard in Scott County Court in mid-October.

Sandra Lay hired West last October. She and her husband paid West $ 5,250 upfront. The lay people found a home in Hazard, Kentucky, and paid West to move and furnish it. But the old home stays and the new one is still in Kentucky. The Lays filed charges of theft against West. The case was heard in Scott County Court earlier this month. West won the case, he was dismissed.

“He says he wasn’t responsible for getting our trailer onto our property, it was another contractor who was responsible,” said Lay.

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In court, West showed the judge a contract signed by the laypeople. West wrote that he was not responsible for moving their home, that another $ 4,000 removal company was, that the $ 5,200 was non-refundable, and the lead time was six months to a year.

“He says he’s not responsible,” Lay said. “I’m losing the case and the $ 5,250.”

WATE 6 On Your Side checked the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance records, West’s state contractor’s license to install prefabricated homes expired eight months ago, December 16, 2020.

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We asked West why there was a delay in completing Smith’s facility. He replied, “If Mr. Smith pays me my money.”

West claims he didn’t do anything wrong, he says he owes more money for extra work West and his attorney have counterclaimed Michael Smith. “We don’t owe him any money,” says Smith.

West’s attorney is confident that the October outcome of Smith’s case will favor his client, Willard West. The attorney says West has been in business for 29 years and has never had complaints from customers before; he’s still moving followers, but he’s considering getting out of business.

Regarding West’s expired contractor license, the Department of Commerce and Insurance said it could not comment on an open investigation.