Best Toronto Moving Companies

Best Toronto Moving Companies

The best movers in Toronto will treat your belongings with care, unlike the friends you later recruited with the promise of pizza and beer. It may cost extra, but you can rest assured that the contents of your home will be professionally shipped.

Here are the best movers in Toronto.

El Cheapo

This moving company has been in business for more than 20 years and is one of the most affordable. Prices include insurance, gasoline, mileage, industrial blankets, dollies and shrink wrap. They also charge per quarter hour according to their one-hour minimum, which is convenient for apartment residents.

Your friend with a Cube Van

Based in Cabbagetown for over a decade, the moving company offers a full range of services including packing and unpacking, furniture assembly and accessories. A van and driver are billed at $ 65 with a minimum of an hour, and prices vary from there. They help with small and large movements of all shapes and sizes.


This North York-based moving company estimates estimates based on job size and mileage between destinations in the GTA, so you don’t have to pay extra fees if the truck gets stuck in traffic. They also offer a price guarantee for comparable offers from the competition.

My ninja movers

Hire a ninja specialist for $ 130 an hour (best for small apartments), a team in ninja beast mode for $ 180 (with one truck and three movers), or even a ninja swarm (two trucks and four movers) ) for $ 250 per hour. These GTA moving companies have a super simple online booking system. All prices are transparent and can be viewed online before booking.

Joe The Mover

This business has grown from just one man and one truck launched in 1970 to a fleet of six dependable trucks manned by friendly, courteous moving companies. Prices start at $ 65 per hour plus one hour of travel time. Additional services include packaging, storage and rental of plastic containers (which are really great, by the way. You can also try FrogBox, Condobinz or City Boxes).

Greg & Sons Moving and Storage

The Canada-run commercial and residential real estate moving company serves all of Toronto and the GTA, and even has a showroom on Ellesmere Road where customers can show off their removals and products so they can start their own job. They’ve been around since 1985 and are even moving to Ottawa and Montreal.


This moving company, which operates the GTA, employs firefighters outside of the residential and commercial removals service. They’re not the cheapest option with a minimum charge of four hours, but if they’re powerful enough to put out flames, they’re definitely good enough to move your couch around.


These movers from Etobicoke have nine trucks and a crew of fit, smoke-free and friendly movers. They specialize in condominium removals but can handle anything, including storage. Prices vary depending on the type of move, but jobs typically start at $ 290 for the first hour and $ 70 for each subsequent 30 minutes.

Polanski is moving

This company specializes in residential and commercial removals and has been in business for 30 years. They maintain the entire GTA and provide government approved storage facilities with 24 hour security for a short or long time in case you have to leave some things behind.

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